About the Program


Complimentary Service

Papagayo Bike-Share is a complimentary service for members and guests staying on the peninsula. Envisioned as an alternative mode of transportation between outlets, our new, all-electric mobility system is a fun way to move around and explore the peninsula. It is easy to use and free as long as bikes are returned each day by 5:30PM local time, safe and sound.


Electric-Assist Bicycles

Our GPS-enabled pedelec bicycles allow you to climb hills on the peninsula with relative ease, making it easier to navigate the main roads on Peninsula Papagayo. The amount of assistance is linked to your pedaling, up to 14.5 mph. The minute you stop pedaling, the motor stops assisting. Batteries are long lasting and charge quickly when in the dock. To check battery level, either push the horn or place your card over the digital screen.



For your convenience, bike stations are located at Andaz, Exclusive Resorts, Four Seasons, the Golf Clubhouse & Tennis Center, Marina Papagayo, Nature Center and Prieta Beach Club.

How it works

Joining is easy. Simply sign up, pick up a membership card from your concierge and activate your card.

All bike-share riders must register individually, accepting the terms of service. A security deposit is required prior to card activation. Users must be 16 years of age or older.  Minors 16-18 must be registered by a consenting adult-18 years of age or older.



Contact your concierge

Bike-Share Membership Cards may be picked up at Four Seasons Concierge Services, Andaz Concierge Services, Exclusive Resorts Concierge Services, Prieta Beach Club Member Services, and/or the Nature Center.



Log in to your account and enter the 8-digit number

To activate your Bike-Share Membership Card, simply log in to your account and enter the 8-digit number. For your convenience, Bike-Share iPads are availble at concierge services. Membership cards are valid for the duration of your stay.



Walk to the nearest bike station to select and unlock a bike

To unlock a bike, simply tap your membership card on the digital screen located between the handlebars. For your safety, please review the Safety Riding Tips prior to venturing out.



Return your bike to any station before 5:30 PM

To return your bike, push the front wheel firmly into an empty dock and wait for the beep and onscreen notification to confirm a successful return.  Please keep track of your membership card - each key card is valid for the duration of your stay. If you experience any difficulty in returning your bike, or to report a lost or stolen card, contact your concierge immediately, or call (506) 2696 2223.